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From Algae to Hydrilla to just plain pond scum, we’ll take the headache out of managing your lakefront and pond, keeping the weeds out so you can be in and on the water you love. Whether you live on Watts Bar, Fort Loudon, Melton Hill, Tellico, or any of East Tennessee’s lakes, Aquatic Weed Wizards provides reliable, friendly local service with the knowledge and expertise you need. 

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What are aquatic weeds?

Aquatic weeds are plants and algae that grow in and around water in lakes and ponds. Managing the balance of plant growth in the water keeps your lake or pond healthy for swimming, fishing, and other recreation.


Do I need lake weed control?

Many states including Tennessee have regulations that require that the herbicides used to control lake and pond weeds be applied by a certified professional. Applying herbicides yourself can lead to fines and penalties.


What else should I know?

Just because you can’t see lake and pond weeds doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Regular monitoring by our certified pros will keep your water beautiful year-round and maintain the balance of your aquatic environment. 

Aquatic Weed Wizards owners discuss the status of invasive vegetation on a rocky bank

We're Committed to Outstanding Service

Great customer service is our top priority because we know how important clean ponds and lakes are to you.  We’ll take the time to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting from Aquatic Weed Wizards and exactly how much it will cost. We’re dedicated to quality work, fair prices, and the kind of service that makes you want to recommend our company to friends and family. AWW is proudly registered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Charter #5171.

What Our Customers are Saying

The Aquatic Weed Wizards guys took great care of our lakefront when we needed to deal with some really tough Hydrilla. We got a fair quote and they did a great job. -Bud Myers, Knoxville, Tennessee

Every year our pond gets funky in the Summer heat. We hired Aquatic Weed Wizards to manage and monitor our pond and we couldn’t be happier with the results! -Sharon Laken, Maryville, Tennessee