Services and Treatments Lake and pond weed treatments and monitoring in Knoxville and all of Tennessee

Technicians monitor a pond that has been sprayed for invasive species from the bank
Lily pads float on pond water

Aquatic Weed Treatment

During your first appointment, our technicians will visit your property to complete an aquatic plant inventory. Once the inventory is completed, we’ll determine a treatment plan based on the number of surface acres to be treated. We’ll provide you a complimentary quote for treatment and set a second appointment to treat once you’ve approved the quote. When your treatment is finished, we’ll walk you through maintenance and talk with you about monitoring your water to keep it weed-free. 

Hydrilla floats on pond, visible above and under the water

Lake and Pond Monitoring

We’ll do an initial aquatic plant inventory to determine what kinds of plants live in your water and the extent of their growth. We’ll also look at whether they’re submerged (a “mat”) or on the surface and plot your location on the lake or estimate the size of your pond. Once the inventory is complete, we’ll set up a schedule to visit your lake or pond several times throughout the year to monitor growth, making sure your water stays clean and hassle-free. 

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